11 January 2013

Use the Explorer Preview Pane

This time I want to share a tip with you. I'm a big fan of the Explorer Preview Pane a facility that can show the contents if files next to the files in a separate pane. It allows and helps me to quickly scan C/C++ (header) files, readme-text files, and other plain text files. Most often it helps to scan through MSWord en PDF files as well. I use it for GFA-BASIC 32 files as well.
Preview GFA-BASIC 32 files
GB32 files are plain text files as well. So it would only be logical (as Spock would say) to view them in the preview pane as well. It is not only logical but possible as well. You can assign the '.g32' extension to the default Text Viewer of Windows Explorer by using a registry hack. However, this is not only cumbersome, but a bit complex as well see http://blogs.msdn.com/b/toub/archive/2006/12/14/preview-handler-association-editor.aspx. In the article Stephen Taub, author of the program, describes the Preview Handler Association Editor tool.
This utility helps in assigning all registered file-extensions to a preview handler. Note that since Windows Vista the GFA-BASIC 32 file extension .g32 can only registered when GB32 is started in Administrator Mode. Then go to Properties and click the button to register the g32 and lg32 file extensions.
Changing the font
To change the standard font of the preview pane isn't difficult, because the pane always uses the current Notepad font. By changing the default font of Notepad you change the font of preview pane when using the Windows TXT Previewer.
Procedure: Launch Notepad and select Format/Font... from the menu bar. Change the font and close Notepad. Now text files should be rendered in the font you just selected.

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