GFA-BASIC related links

Peter Heinzig's High Quality GFA-BASIC programs
Many high quality sample and utility programs from which many focus on GDI/GDI+.

Alan Shura's GFA-BASIC 32 examples and utilities
Some beginners examples and a utility called GB32-Programmers-Assistant.

Dynamic Array Library - by James Gaite, featured on this blog has now finally been finished with improvements to how it works in a Multi-threaded environment, to the Error Reporting system and the obligatory bug fixes.

Programs developed with GFA-BASIC 32
There are many (commercial) programs written in GB32. Sometimes I'm notified. Sometimes I get a link, other times people send me code and/or compiled libraries. Sometimes I publish them.

GFA-BASIC for Windows 3.1
Michel Goux's GFA-BASIC for Windows 3.1. You can download the latest version at:

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