Download GFA-BASIC for Windows 32-bits
GFA-BASIC 32 requires Windows Vista or higher.

Update to GFA-BASIC 32 v2.52 (January 2019)

GFA-BASIC 32 now comes with an installer, a setup program that will install the entire package. Among shortcuts to launch and uninstall GFA-BASIC 32 the Start menu provides a link to the readme25.rtf. Please read it first.

Version 2.5 fixes bugs and provides new features like Auto Complete, grouping of procedures, grouping of imports, editor history, Html-help, auto-popup quickhelp, breakpoints and proper debugging. 
The runtime GfaWin23.Ocx hasn't changed (v 2.341 Build 1803).

Install older WinHlp32.exe - This file contains a script to manually install winhlp32.exe. Unzip and run install.cmd, but first read the readme.txt.
Save the zip somewhere, because after each major update of Windows the winhlp32 installation will be destroyed.


Older files
++ IDE/Compiler v2.421 (Feb 2018)
++ GfaWin23.Ocx v2.341 (March 2018)

The following old files are still accessible here. - This file contains one folder named 'gb32' so that you can drag (unpack) that folder in one action to a location of your liking, for instance the root of C: or D: (so it is not necessary to create a folder). - This file contains the latest updates of the binaries and other related files. This includes: GfaWin23.Ocx, GfaWin32.Exe (IDE/Compiler), GfaWin32.Gll, manifest file, app.ico, gfawintb.bmp, and readme24.rtf and readmeocx.rtf.
Unpack and replace these files with the ones in your GFABASIC32's Bin directory.

NOTE - There is also an updated copy of the Include directory with code and compiled include files. Use it to completely replace your current Include directory. It is not guaranteed to be error-free, but the include files are updated regularly. - Only contains the latest update of GfaWin23.Ocx (Runtime/Ocx) including ReadMeOcx.rtf