Free Download GFA-BASIC for Windows 32-bits
GFA-BASIC 32 requires Windows Vista or higher, 
(although it seems to be working on Windows 2000 and XP.)
it runs on both 32-bits and 64-bits systems.

GFA-BASIC 32 v2.6a - 11 September 2021

NOTE - Due to problems with third-party virus scanners version 2.6a omits the runtime GfaWin23.ocx version 2.39, but comes with the previous version (2.38) of GfaWin23.ocx! 

Download notes: 
Windows Smartscreen on Edge suggests that the download is suspicious and advises you to delete it: you need to click the three dots to the left and click ‘Keep’ to continue. Once you run the installer, Smartscreen throws a pop-up saying that the download is suspicious and not to run it; you then have to click More Info to allow the installer the run.
GFA-BASIC 32 now comes as a setup program that will install the entire package. Among shortcuts to launch and uninstall GFA-BASIC 32, the Start menu provides a link to the readme26.rtf. Please read it first.
GFA-BASIC 32 can be downloaded for free and is fully functional. If you appreciate GB32 please consider to donate to support the project. 

Notes on version 2.6a
  • Restored GfaWin23.ocx to previous version 2.38.
Notes on version 2.6
  • Improves Auto Complete
  • Fixes several little bugs
  • Dark mode for editor
  • Save in a version history archive
  • Includes gfawinx library with many new functions, for instance LoadRichEdit50W to use msftedit.dll.
  • Comes with Direct2D library 1.13
  • Updated CHM Help, fixes crash of the viewer
  • Updated GfaWin23.Ocx to version 2.39, which fixes a few runtime bugs.
  • The details are in the readme26.rtf file
Important, especially for German users, the default help-file is now the English CHM file, which is up to date with anything there is to know about GB32! The old German .hlp file is obsolete and does not provide help on all new (Library) commands and functions. By using the CHM file there is no need for inspecting one of the PDF docs anymore.

Install older WinHlp32.exe for those that insist on using old .Hlp - This file contains a script to manually install winhlp32.exe. Unzip and run install.cmd, but first read the readme.txt.
Save the zip somewhere, because after each major update of Windows the winhlp32 installation will be destroyed.