04 January 2013

Memory Leak on Image Ocx

At the end of 2012 Peter Heinzig posted a sample showing GFA-BASIC 32 memory leaks with the Form and Image Ocx. In Memory leak with Form.Picture I focused on the Form object and a remedy against the memory leak. In the meantime I investigated the Image Ocx and can confirm a memory leak when the Ocx control is destroyed. Just like the Form Object the Image Ocx doesn't release it's Picture object. The remedy is actually the same. In the parent Form Ocx _Destroy sub event add a command to release the Picture property of the image control.

The solutions presented here are applicable on all versions of GFA-BASIC 32. However I hope to build an update of the runtime as soon as possible. I hope these are the only memory leaks, but it takes time to verify these are the only Picture objects that aren't released after a program has been closed.

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