06 June 2010

An introduction by Troy H. Cheek

On Apr 13, 2009, Troy H.Cheek wrote on his blog about GFA-BASIC: "While there are websites just chock full of VB, QB, and even GFA programming goodness, most of them seem to assume a level of knowledge that your average enthusiast (or even an above average one such as myself) just doesn't have yet. It's all well and good to fill a GFA-BASIC 32 Stuff blog full of articles about "ANSI API functions and RichEdit" and "GetFirstVisible method not implemented", but I'll be the first to admit that I'm not sure what any of that stuff means. Heck, much of "Pointer and Gfa_Var object" was over my head. I guess what I'm asking is this: Where are the websites for down and dirty little GFA BASIC programs? You know, the type that the average man on the street (well, geek in the lab) is actually going to write?"

Well, Troy wrote a series on one: "Roll Your Own GFA BASIC Program 1"

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