13 June 2010

Exe without runtime?

One of the questions I got is:

"There is a possibility that my program e.g. "name.g32" run as "name.exe" after compiling without using "GfaWin32.Ocx" ?
If yes, can you give me instructions for this please ?

At the first beta introduction of GFA-BASIC 32 back in 1998 we asked the same question. Why wouldn't it be possible to statically link the necessary code into the EXE? That would give us a slightly larger EXE, but the result would be one file. There are two reasons why this isn't possible.

  1. The entire interface of a GFA-BASIC 32 program is encapsulated in to COM objects. All COM objects are related to each other and thus the stand-alone EXE would increase with about 500 KBytes. GFA simply choose to put the code in a single (in contrast with VB!) OCX runtime. Putting OLE/COM stuff in a DLL is common to all programming languages.
  2. The Windows OS is capable of sharing one instance of a DLL with multiple EXEs. Not only your EXE depends on the runtime, but the IDE does as well. All instances of your programs and all instances of GFA-BASIC 32 IDEs share this one DLL. 

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