12 February 2010

Kind messages

Every week I’m happily surprised with a kind message of someone stating his fun with GFA-BASIC 32. Some excerpts:

From a Dutch user:

“Dear Frank, I started my own company in 1982 in plastic things.
After a few years I bought a Atari 520. Later a 1024 and a 20 Mb!! harddisk.
I was interrested and bought a Bookkeeper software thing.
That thing was very slow, so I decided to write my own program.
GFA was the option and what kind of an option !!
I bought the manuals and compiler and didn't sleep many nights because I was concentraded, involved and full power.
I had to develop windows, cursor behavior, and I made myself because of all the stuff a professional bookkeeper.
I've used this program for many years and friends with a own company also, because it was able to do the depreciations automatically.
The taxman never had problems with it. It was clear and understandable.
I've used it until 2001 (with Gemulator) and after that I've sold my company.
Now there are such programs with the same functions of 60Mb, mine (yours) was 93K !!!!
Love you, Henk Reinders (Holland)”
From a German user:

“Hi Sjouke,

I am still alive, no time, hard working. I am now 62 years old and may gain more time for my hobbys in a few years. I started to built up a small homepage for private use only. By the way, I will send you some stuff, step by step, from earlier programming. The prog was coded by my son on a Atari 800XL, we had a lot of fun together with this machine. I presented the gfa32 version to my son on one of his birthdays. It has been very easy to transform the code. All the best for you and all gfa-fans in the future.”

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  1. DarkBorn15/2/10

    Just one thing: it could be very thankful to get somehow official freeware licence (open source will be great!). Until that, it is not possible to get official support from legal institutions (e.g. Google Summer of Code). IMO, scalability (compatibility) between diff. platforms is one of the most powerfull things about GFA.
    Btw, anybody tried Impact Basic (16-bit, free, 80% compatible)?