07 February 2010

GFA-BASIC Update Build 1166

The internal linker error caused a "File write error" when creating a stand-alone EXE or a Gfa Editor Extension GLL. The bug occured when one or more $Libraries are linked to the compiled code of the program currently editted. When none of the Lg32 libraries contained subroutines (Sub, Proc, or Func) the linker misses a pointer and reads from address NULL. The entire process of creating the output file is guarded in a Try-Catch exception handler that only reports a "File write error in filename". It doesn't specify what went wrong.
Anyway, this bug is solved in Build 1166, which you can download at http://gfabasic32.googlepages.com/update

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous12/9/10

    Hi Sjouke !
    Great work !
    The version number is not updated in help->about
    HTH, Manfred Ubbermann