16 March 2009

IDE: not perfect? Cut and Paste bug

Before I will continue my series on Ocx Collections, I should mention two (un)known issues about the IDE. First let me tell you about the Cut and Paste bug. One issue concerns the crash of the editor after some copy/cut and paste opertions. The editor may crash suddenly and the reason is often mysterious. It maybe a repeated Find operation, but it may also as simple as hitting Enter to insert a new line. I have not been able to reproduce the problem in such a way that I can investigate it, so if you know exactly how to reproduce the bug please let me know.


  1. Happens to me a lot. I like to group procedures where they are related and cut and paste the procedure to move them. The first time I do it it's fine. But the second time I'm kicked out of GFA32.

    If I save after the first cut and paste, reload and then make the second it's fine.

    The program is 65,000 lines long and the cuts often around 50 lines or more - it may have something to do with those. Sometimes I might get a couple of cut and pastes in but I seldom get above a couple of these before the crash (I tend to save and reload after the first cut and save to avoid the problem).

  2. Not related but I haven't see how to start a thread so I'll put it here.

    I have a problem with the TEXT statement in Vista. Unfortunately I don't currently have a Vista PC to be specific but maybe someone has seen this themselves.

    If I use the TEXT statement repeatedly in Vista - something like this:

    For i = 1 to n
    Text 500,200,"Hello World"
    next i

    if n is greater than 1 then the rendered text is chunky and unpleasant. In any other version of Windows regardless of the value of n or if n is 1 in Vista the text is fine.

    It's almost as if the positional information is varying by a pixel or so up, down, left and right with each cycle.

    Anyone seen that?