04 March 2009

GFA-BASIC 32 Blog start.


  1. In the GFA editor (GfaWin32.exe) there is a minor bug that might be correctable. With a large program (30,000 40,000 lines) after doing line edits including insersions and deletions, when using Find repeatedly through the code, the editor will occasionally hang when attempting to search past the last item found. The only draw back to this is having to remember to do a save before doing repeated searches (with F3).

  2. I've seen something similar to that. I have a program that is 65,000 lines long and when searching for something towards the latter part it will occasionally hang. Unfortunately you don't always know where the search will take you. If the item is preceded by another one prior to that it's seem to be ok.

    Another program at 27,000 lines doesn't have the same problem.

    A similar problem is that when I cut a section of code of reasonable size - about 50 lines (haven't researched as to precisely how many) - and move it to another position in the list it will be ok the first time. If I repeat a similar action (another section of code) it will crash and close down GFA32.

    After the first cut and paste you have to save the code, reload and the second cut and paste will be fine.