02 August 2017

StatusBar fix (August 2nd Update)

Fixing one bug often leads to the introduction of another. The June update introduced a bug in the runtime in the Panels.Remove method. This is fixed and the most recent update of the runtime – gfawin23.ocx – is now version Although I like to step away from incrementing build-numbers, I decided to give it a new build because nothing new was added, only a bug is fixed.

StatusBar redraw problem
During testing I noticed the following. In some circumstances the StatusBar isn’t updated or redrawn to reflect the new situation with a panel removed. This is not GB32 bug, but it is related to the common controls. The StatusBar is only completely reset when it receives a WM_SIZE message. Usually, this message is forwarded by the Form, the parent of the control, when it processes the WM_SIZE message. When the Panel is removed the code does not send or post this message and the Form will never receive the message. The following sample code solves this problem, where sb is the name of the StatusBar Ocx.

' Remove a StatusBar Panel:
"Panel1" ' WM_SIZE recalculates and updates: PostMessage sb.Parent.hWnd, WM_SIZE, 0, 0

The lacking update and redraw is a known problem for more common controls. Usually this can be solved by posting a WM_SIZE message to the parent (without any values in the wParam and lParam). The preferred solution would be invalidating the control followed by a call to the UpdateWindow() API. However, this doesn’t recalculate and reset the panels. The status bar is simply redrawn using the ‘previous’ or current settings. This makes sense when you think about it. If the status bar would recalculate its contents each time it has to redraw, it would provide a serious performance penalty in redrawing a Form when it is manipulated. The common control needs to be told explicitly to adjust to the new situation.

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