23 June 2013

The Align Property of Command, Checkbox, and Option

The Align property of the Ocx controls Command, Checkbox and Option differ from other Ocx controls. The documentation for Align says that it indicates how an Ocx control is placed inside its parent or owner Ocx control, also called docking. Several predefined constants (basNoAlign (0), basTop (1), basBottom (2), basLeft (3), and basRight (4))  are provided to help using the correct docking value with Align.

The buttons are different
In GFA-BASIC32 the Windows BUTTON class controls (push)button, checkbox, and radio-button are implemented as Ocx Command, Ocx Checkbox, and Ocx Option, respectively. The position of the contents of the BUTTON control can be changed by applying a predefined BUTTON-style alignment value. These are defined in the winuser.h SDK include file:

#define BS_LEFT             0x00000100
#define BS_RIGHT            0x00000200
#define BS_CENTER           0x00000300
#define BS_TOP              0x00000400
#define BS_BOTTOM           0x00000800
#define BS_VCENTER          0x00000C00

These values can be applied using API functions or using the WinStyle property of the Ocx controls. In addition, these style bits can be set using the Align property of the BUTTON class Ocx controls (Command, Checkbox, and Option). However, the values that you can assign to Align are different than the values used with the docking purpose of Align. The documentation lacks proper explanation of using the Align property with buttons. (At least in the English help file.)So let me fill the gap.
The position of the contents of the BUTTON controls can be set using a value between 0 and 10, but not 3 and 7. There meaning - as described by the official GB32 documentation -and the corresponding button styles are listed below.

Value Position BUTTON Style Value
0 Center Normal H/V centered 0x00000000
1 Left BS_LEFT (vertical centered) 0x00000100
2 Right BS_RIGHT (vertical centered) 0x00000200
3 no meaning* BS_CENTER 0x00000300
4 Top BS_TOP 0x00000400
5 TopLeft BS_TOP | BS_LEFT 0x00000400 | 0x00000100
6 TopRight BS_TOP | BS_RIGHT 0x00000400 | 0x00000200
7 no meaning* BS_TOP | BS_CENTER 0x00000400 | 0x00000300
8 Bottom BS_BOTTOM 0x00000800
9 BottomLeft BS_BOTTOM | BS_LEFT 0x00000800 | 0x00000100
10 BottomRight BS_BOTTOM | BS_RIGHT 0x00000800 | 0x00000200

When one of the position values from the first column is passed to the Align property the value is shifted left 8 bits and then sent to the BUTTON control using

SendMessage(ocx.hWnd, BM_SETSTYLE, position, 1)
* The no meaning values 3 and 7 can be used in code, not in the Form Editor. When used in code, the internal GB32 function that implements Align will accept any value between 0 and 15! It simply shifts the value 8 bits left and sends it to the BUTTON control.

So, the value of the Align property is used to position the contents of a BUTTON control Ocx. The value is converted to a BS_* constant value as defined in the SDK and passed to the BUTTON control. In this particular case the Align property has a different meaning. Perhaps, it should be named ‘Alignment’ as with the Label Ocx controls.

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