26 March 2010

A Dlg_ Form

Any form with a name staring with ‘Dlg_’ follows the dialog rules of GFA-BASIC 32. When a form is created using the Dialog #n command the form automatically gets a name starting with Dlg_0 .. Dlg_31, where 0 <= n <= 31. However, you are not restricted to the Dialog # command to create dialog-forms. Any form, either created at design time using the form-editor or at runtime, can ‘benefit’ from the dialog settings. The only requirement is a name starting with ‘Dlg_’. For instance Dlg_32, Dlg_InputName, Dlg_Msg, etc.

The most obvious change is the adjustment to the DlgBase settings. At the time of creation a form with a name staring with Dlg_ uses the DlgBase settings rather than specified settings. In addition, a Dlg_ form’s keyboard events are handled a bit differently. The PeekEvent command invokes a special GFA-BASIC IsDialogMessage() function to handle the navigation keys (Tab, arrow keys).

I only discovered this recently and didn’t get a chance to figure out how exactly the navigation differs from a normal Form.

Note that in contrast with the remark in the help-file DlgBase Bold has been repaired.

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