04 April 2009

GetFirstVisible method not implemented

The ListView Ocx method .GetFirstVisible isn't implemented and simply returns Null. It is described as "to return a reference to the first ListItem object visible in the internal area of a ListView control". I think FO simply forgot to implement it properly, because many properties and methods return a reference to a Listitem object and a copy/paste action of the relevant GfaOcx23 source code would have sufficed to make the method work. Pitty. However, by using two (not VB-compatible) ListView methods the problem is easily solved. (Actually, it is one property and one method) ListView.TopIndex ListView.ListItem(index%) The ListView.TopIndex get-property returns the index (long integer) of the first visible item. It doesn't return a reference to a ListItem, but returns a long starting with 0. The ListItem(index%) returns a reference to a ListItem object from an index starting with 1. Yes, that is COM combined with Windows API. Anyway to replace the .GetFirstVisible method you should use:
Local ListItem li
// Set li = ListView.GetFirstVisible replacement:
Set li = ListView.ListItem(ListView.TopIndex + 1)

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